Cryptocurrency & Wallet

To invest in you must have one of the supported crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT ERC20, TRC20 or BEP20, Tron, Ripple, Stellar, BitcoinCash, Dash, BinanceCoin. ) and a wallet to manage, or a registered account on

Sign Up

Sign Up button in the upper right corner, click and fill in the data: Full Name, create your username (login), create a strong password with a minimum of 6 characters and repeat it. Confirm Captcha and click SIGNUP. After registration, your account is active and you can log in


Log in to account with Username and Password. If you don't remember it, check your e-mail. After registration, we have sent you a message with login details. Do not share your password with anyone. We recommend that you enable 2FA to increase security of your account.

Make a Deposit

1. Click Make Deposit icon in your Dashboard.
2. Select Investment Plan depending on how much you intend to invest.
3. Select Payment Method.
4. Enter the amount of your investment.
5. Click Make Deposit button.
6. On this page, check that everything is correct.
7. Make a payment from your crypto wallet, copy the wallet address and investment amount.
8. The investment amount will be expressed in USD, and its value in the cryptocurrency you have chosen as the payment method.
9. After transferring your coins, wait until you see the required number of confirmations. You don't need to have our website open anymore. You can close it or go to another one. Your deposit will be added automatically.
10. All your active deposits will be visible after clicking My Deposits in your Dashboard.


1. Click Withdrawal icon in your Dashboard.
2. Select the balance you want to withdraw funds from.
3. You can check your wallet addresses by clicking the down arrow next to "Withdrawal Accounts".
4. You can add an optional comment.
5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
6. Click Withdrawal button.
7. On this page, check that everything is correct.
8. Check if the wallet address is definitely yours.
9. If everything is correct, click the Withdrawal button, if not Cancel and start from the beginning.
10. All done. Your withdrawal request has been sent.
11. Your withdrawal will be processed manually by our operator within 24 hours.
12. You can check the history of withdrawals and pending withdrawals in the Account History (History icon in your Dashboard).

Referral Program

After registering, you will receive your referral link. Share it wherever you can and recommend our platform to others. For every deposit and reinvestment made by your referrals down three lines, you will receive an immediate commission. The earnings from the referral program are unlimited, you can invite as many people as you can.

Reinvest Your Earnings

If you have $ 25 or more in your balance, you can reinvest it by creating new deposit. You will get the compound interest effect to multiply your capital even more. Follow the steps for making a deposit and choose your account balance as payment method. Your deposit will be created immediately.

Edit Account Data

In your Dashboard, you can edit your account details, your full name, cryptocurrency wallets for withdrawals and change the current password. After clicking the user icon, select My Account. Each change of data requires confirmation with the code sent to the e-mail.

2 Factor Authentication

To protect your account against unauthorized access, enable 2-Factor Authentication. Install Google Authenticator on your mobile device and follow the instructions. You can find 2-FA settings by clicking the user icon on your Dashboard and choose 2FA Settings.

Deposit Release

If for some reason you do not want to wait until your deposit is completed in 30 or 40 days, we give you the option to cancel it and withdraw funds at any time after the first 24 hours. There is a 10% to 30% fee to cancel your deposit depending on which step you want to stop.